Special Ocassions Across the Miles

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Family members are living farther away from each other than ever before. Some members move far away for college, work, preferences, or more opportunities. Some travel a lot for work and are never in one place for very long.

This is also true of friends and close colleagues. Occasions, such as birthdays, promotions, wedding anniversaries, and baby showers, are not shared in the same way anymore. Meeting for lunch, having a drink after work, going to a movie, or attending the celebration is no longer an option.

From a Distance

Marking the occasion is still important, it just takes a bit of creativity year after year to keep from getting boring. A telephone call is nice but hardly seems adequate. Face-to-face time via the internet will feel more like an actual visit but may also serve as a depressing reminder of the distance.

Do something different each year to keep that friend or family member surprised and delighted. One year arrange for flower delivery in Sugarland TX. The next year send a photo album with pictures of you both together having fun. A unique gift the year after that, and so on.

Plan Ahead

Something like flower delivery can be arranged same-day while some innovative ways to surprise will take time to plan. A favorite meal delivered from a local restaurant for an anniversary, for example, cannot be set up in one day. A princess arriving at the door with a birthday wish for a young niece will take time to arrange.

This time investment may not be possible every year, but when it happens the present will be extra special. Spending more time to send wishes and a gift can be saved for life-changing events. A baby shower, closing on that dream home, a retirement, or an engagement is the time to do something memorable.


Being creative does not have to be expensive. There are a few things to keep in mind that will help control costs. If mailing a gift, consider that weight will be a factor in the shipping. In some cases, shipping can be more expensive than the gift itself. That custom paperweight to congratulate a sister-in-law who finally made partner will be expensive when all the costs are totaled.

Go online and shop local. Finding a company near the recipient to make a custom gift will be cheaper than having it done close to you. Eliminating shipping costs, getting free shipping, and taking advantage of local delivery means there is more money for the actual present. Miles are a physical separation, not an emotional one. Share special occasions and everyday ones to keep in touch.

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